Start working API-first

Simple and effective API governance. Optic helps your team ship better APIs without slowing you down.


Great APIs...
have accurate documentation,
never ship breaking changes,
and have a consistent design

Optic ensures your documentation is accurate, your changes are backwards-compatible, and the API design follows the latest standards. Catch breaking changes before they affect your consumers, and get the API design right the first time.

Optic fits into developer workflows. Run it in CI, and locally as you develop
Testing API Changes
OpenAPI is accurate
No Breaking Changes
New Endpoints follow v3 API Guidelines
Added 3 Endpoints. Changed 4 endpoints.

Test for breaking changes

Optic tracks every change to your API and flags changes that will break consumers before they ship.

API Style Guides

Optic helps developers follow a common API common style guide whenever they are adding new functionality to the API.

Verified Accurate documentation

Optic makes sure your OpenAPI is accurate. Don’t have an OpenAPI spec? Optic can generate an accurate one from your tests.
"We are set up to provide a great API and an amazing developer experience to our consumers. Realizing the promise of OpenAPI has always been hard. Optic's tools made it easier to get developers on-board and start fulfilling the promises of working API-first."
Gary Poster Senior Director Engineering
"To deliver a high quality API we need to be working API-first, and keeping track of the promises we have made to consumers. API-first has always been hard, Optic is the first tool we have found that makes it easy to quickly build and safety extend our APIs. "
Kostas Petrakis Lead API Engineer
"Anyone using (or wanting to use) OpenAPI to describe APIs should take a strong look at Optic. They truly get what it takes to maintain a great API at scale 🧑‍🍳🤌"
Marc-André Giroux API Lead
"Optic is a smart, simple, and straightforward solution to a real world problem every company faces"
Kin Lane API Evangelist
Improve your APIs without slowing teams down

Optic built an approach to API Governance that helps developers ship better APIs without getting in their way.

Forwards-only governance

Developers turn off Spectral rules, they never turn off Optic. Our linter understands the API lifecycle and will only tell developers to change the design in ways that won’t break the consumer.

Get feedback early

Optic helps every stakeholder give feedback on API designs before thing ship. Figure out the best design before consumers start depending on it

Optic helps developers write OpenAPI

Documenting new endpoints and changes to existing ones in OpenAPI is difficult. Optic generates all the boilerplate OpenAPI and most of the schemas for you … it’s your co-pilot.

Developer CLI

Developers can do everything with our CLI. Run commands locally, and reproduce CI failures on your machine.
All your APIs in one place

Optic makes it easy to find the documentation and changelogs for every API. Developers are never blocked by bad documentation and can always find the references they need. Platform teams can see which APIs they have, what’s being worked on, and the overall health of the APIs on one plane of glass.


Optic tracks every change to your API in one place. Get a Stripe-style API Changelog for each service so you never miss a change again


Keep track of the API development across teams. Understand how many APIs you have, which ones change, and how often each service breaks.

Discover + Catalog all your APIs

Optic helps you find and document every API in your company. Stop duplicating work and proactively deprecate unused services.


Optic makes sure every API has an accurate spec. Use those specs to generate code, publish docs, send change notifications to consumers, etc. It's the source of truth for everything API.


OpenAPI 3.x

Optic supports the OpenAPI 3 standard. If you don't have an OpenAPI file the capture command in the CLI will help you create one.

Spectral Linter

Import your Spectral lint rules and run them at the correct step of the API lifecycle. Enforce your latest standards on new endpoints without failing legacy endpoints that can not change

GitHub | GitLab

Add effective API Reviews to GitHub or GitLab instance (enterprise supported!) and run Optic in CI pipelines.


Generate OpenAPI from the traffic in your Postman Collection. When the collection changes, Optic can update the specification for you.

Markdown Badges

Publish your API's changelogs, documentation accuracy, and other stats with live badges

API Access

Optic is the source of truth for your APIs. Pull accurate specs for your API Gateway, homegrown docs portals, and code generators.


Optic pushes the latest API docs, changelogs, and useful metadata into Backstage whenever the APIs change.


Get Slack notifications when the APIs you use change.

Start shipping better APIs.
Speed up development.
Build stable services.


For small teams with an internal or public API


Get Started
  • Up to 50 developers
  • Up to 50 tracked endpoints


For small teams with an internal or public API


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  • Up to 50 developers
  • Up to 200 tracked endpoints
  • Unlimited CI Runs/month
  • Full API History
  • Support:
  • GitHub Issues Priority
  • Slack + Teams Channel Support


For businesses built on many internal APIs


Talk to us
  • Up to 150 developers
  • Up to 300 tracked endpoints
  • Unlimited CI Runs/month
  • Full API History
  • Support:
  • Team Slack Channel
  • GitHub Issues Priority
  • On-boarding Sessions
  • Premium Support


For enterprises built on microservices


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  • Unlimited developers
  • Unlimited tracked endpoints
  • Unlimited CI Runs/month
  • Full API History
  • Single-Sign-On
  • API Health + Quality Dashboard
  • Support:
  • Team Slack Channel
  • GitHub Issues Priority
  • On-boarding Sessions
  • Enterprise Support