Version Control & Continuous Integration for your APIs

Automatic, 100% test coverage for all your APIs

Optic monitors real traffic to make sure every API you publish follows its specification.

  • Rely on Optic's Live Contract Testing for 100% API test coverage
  • Get notified of all undocumented behavior in your API

Self-documenting APIs

Optic makes it easy to document all your APIs with an auditable workflow that helps you account for every API change.

  • Optic suggests the appropriate changes to your API specification whenever it detects new API behavior
  • With a built-in API changelog, Optic helps your team understand an API's evolution

Stop breaking changes before they happen

Optic understands the dependencies between all your services and offers powerful CI / CD integrations:

  • Ensure all API changes get documented and approved before making it into production
  • Optic tells you which consumers will be broken by any proposed API changes and helps you notify them before their code breaks.

Get Started with Optic

In just a few minutes Optic will be documenting and testing your API

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Happier, more confident teams


Get notified when the APIs you depend on change

Accurate Docs

Developers get accurate docs for every API they are asked to work with.


Managed dashboards with full visibility into your API stability, usage and health

Optic is on a mission to make APIs developer friendly

Here's a look at what we have in development:

API Pull Requests

Propose and review changes to your API in purpose-built tooling

  • Optic tags every Pull Request with a list of consumers it will affect
  • Breaking changes are specifically highlighted in every PR and affected Consumers are invited to give feedback / approve the changes

Insightful Analytics

Hover over any part of your API Specification to get real data about how your consumers are using it. Learn things like:

  • How often is an optional field being used?
  • Which consumers use each endpoint?
What People Say About Optic
Traffic-driven API development and ops is the the future of handling the skyrocketing complexity of API landscapes. Thats is why I am really excited to see efforts like @useoptic
Zdenek Nemec
Founder Good API
Creator of API Blueprint
Optic is a smart, simple, and straightforward solution to a real world problem every company faces.
Kin Lane
The API Evangelist
chief evangelist Postman
What a brilliant idea. This tool documents your API by looking at your requests. OpenAPI/swagger output is supported!
Viljami Kuosmanen
Senior Developer Futurice
Author of openapi-backend

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