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APIs that Document & Test Themselves

Optic automates the tedious part of building great APIs

Accurate API Specs

Optic maintains your API spec to save time, and ensure accuracy.

Automated Testing

Live testing with spec coverage makes testing Optic APIs easy.

Beautiful Docs

Stripe-style documentation for every API managed by Optic.

How it works

Optic keeps your API and spec in-sync

Behavior Monitoring

Optic monitors how APIs behave in your local, development and staging environments.


Diffing Observed Behavior

Optic compares your API's actual behavior to how the specification says it should behave.


Easy Resolution

Resolve unexpected behavior by updating your API spec or creating a bug report in your issue tracker.


Try It Yourself

You'll see that Optic feel a lot like using Git, but instead of code changes it's versioning your API changes.

Example ToDo API
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Traffic-driven API development and ops is the the future of handling the skyrocketing complexity of API landscapes. Thats is why I am really excited to see efforts like @useoptic

Zdenek Nemec
Founder Good API
Creator of API Blueprint

What a brilliant idea. This tool documents your API by looking at your requests. OpenAPI/swagger output is supported!

Viljami Kuosmanen
Senior Developer Futurice
Author of openapi-backend

Large organizations lack a definitive understanding of their service catalogs, and standardized documentation is rare. Optic offers the visibility that is essential to any governance effort in these complex environments.

David Yonan
CEO The API Practice
Founder FlowStep
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Level up your documentation

Beautiful API Docs

Optic powered API docs look good on almost any API. The docs are easy to use and provide real examples for every request.

Improve your APIs

API Governance

Optic provides your organization with an accurate map of how every API works and how it's being consumed internally and externally. Enforce styles, encourage reuse and prevent teams from making breaking changes.

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Open Source
Great for small teams with a single API

- Accurate API Specs maintained by Optic
- Easy contract testing
- Beautiful docs for your team

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Optic for Teams
For teams with many internal and external APIs

* All the benefits of the Open Source Project

- Advanced API Monitoring and Analytics
- Live Contract Testing w/ Coverage
- API Governance Dashboard
- CI / CD Integration
- Issue Tracker Integration
- Notifications + Slack Integration
- Premium Support & Training

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