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APIs that Document & Test Themselves

Docs for every api

Accurate API Specs

Optic makes it easy to document any API. Just add it to your repo and Optic keeps your API spec up-to-date.

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Testing made easy

Automated Testing

Optic's Live Testing brings all the benefits of contract testing, without the cost of writing and maintaining them.

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docs developers love

Beautiful Docs

Optic generates Stripe-style docs for every API it documents.

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Optic in 3 Minutes


What does Optic do for me?

Optic helps automate important tasks throughout the API Lifecycle

Documentation & Testing

Optic is the developer friendly way to document your APIs. After you add Optic to an API, the tool takes responsibility for:

  • Writing an accurate OpenAPI specification
  • Updating the specification when the API changes
  • Detecting when the API is not following its contract
  • Writing an API changelog and sharing it with your team
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Optic Keeps your Docs Accurate

Optic generates an OpenAPI specification and keeps it up-to-date. Use the spec to power your developer portal, and provide SDKs,  Postman collections, and more to your users.

  • Create an OpenAPI spec for an API in minutes
  • Optic updates your OpenAPI spec whenever your API changes
  • Generate Code Snippets, SDKs, and Postman Collections for your users
  • Learn how users consume your API with Optic's API Analytics
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API Design, Testing & Governance

Optic provides the insight, controls, and developer workflows needed to run a top-notch API program.

Once integrated, Optic provides:

  • Accurate Specifications for all your APIs
  • Live Contract Testing with API Coverage Reports
  • Tooling to author, share and enforce API style guides
  • Enforce rules to prevent breaking changes from being released
  • Automated changelogs for every API + notifications to consumers when APIs change.
  • Advanced API Monitoring and Analytics
  • An API Designer that anyone can use -- not just OpenAPI experts
  • A branded API Catalogue with accurate docs for every API
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