Automated API Change Management

With just one command, Optic gives you the power of a dedicated API team. Optic automatically documents changes, tests every endpoint, and gives you valuable insight into how your APIs are being used.

Documentation that’s always up-to-date

Optic's simple workflow ensures every API change gets documented, reviewed and approved. Keep your documentation fresh and changelog current without it becoming your full-time job.

Confidence your API is working as designed

Optic's Live Contract Testing validates your API is working as designed in all your environments. Achieve 100% test coverage of the API's contract from your live traffic.

Understand your API consumer

Optic's insights help you understand how your APIs are being used by each of your consumers. Evolve your API confidently and predict the impact of your changes.
Traffic-driven API development and ops is the the future of handling the skyrocketing complexity of API landscapes. Thats is why I am really excited to see efforts like @useoptic
Zdenek Nemec
Founder Good API
Creator of API Blueprint
Optic is a smart, simple, and straightforward solution to a real world problem every company faces.
Kin Lane
The API Evangelist
chief evangelist Postman
What a brilliant idea. This tool documents your API by looking at your requests. OpenAPI/swagger output is supported!
Viljami Kuosmanen
Senior Developer Futurice
Author of openapi-backend

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