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Optic makes it easy for developers to publish accurate API docs, avoid breaking changes, and improve the design of their APIs. Get the benefits of API-first, without slowing down.

Amanda opened a Pull Request
Testing API Changes
OpenAPI is accurate
No Breaking Changes
New Endpoints follow v3 API Guidelines
Added 3 Endpoints. Changed 4 endpoints.

"We are set up to provide a great API and an amazing developer experience to our consumers. Realizing the promise of OpenAPI has always been hard. Optic's tools made it easier to get developers on-board and start fulfilling the promises of working API-first."

Gary Poster

Senior Director Engineering

"To deliver a high quality API we need to be working API-first, and keeping track of the promises we have made to consumers. API-first has always been hard, Optic is the first tool we have found that makes it easy to quickly build and safety extend our APIs."

Kostas Petrakis
Lead API Engineer

Traffic Analysis

Verified Accurate OpenAPI

Optic's test runner analyses your test traffic using a local proxy. It compares every request to the OpenAPI documentation and reports differences between an API's actual behavior and its documentation. If you run Optic with the --update flag, it will patch the specification inline.

Use cases:

Accidental API changes
are caught and reverted
Planned API changes (design-first)
get implemented correctly
API Changes made code-first
get documented accurately without writing YAML

OpenAPI version control

Review every API Change

Git diffs of code or OpenAPI files are not very good at communicating API changes. Sometimes one line of code can change multiple API endpoints. Optic diffs the actual API behavior, quickly computing the semantic diff between any two versions of your API. These API changelogs are posted to the Pull Request so every developer can review the code changes and the API changes before hitting "Approve".

Use cases:

Stop shipping
breaking changes and unplanned changes
Communicate API changes
with consumers
See the full history
of every API endpoint

Test your API changes

Developer-friendly Governance

Optic is a smart API linter that your can trust not to get in thr way. Optic enforces your latest API style-guide on new endpoints, and a looser style-guide on existing endpoints. It will never tell you to follow a rule if it breaks an existing API.

Use cases:

Enforce standards for
versioning, security, and design
One report
for all your Spectral, Redoc or Optic rules
Visual API diffs
in every Pull Request

$ optic run

Run Optic in CI, ship great APIs

Manage the entire API lifecycle from your CI pipelines.

Keep your OpenAPI up-to-date
When new endpoints appear in traffic, Optic documents them. When existing endpoints start behaving differently, Optic flags the differences and helps you update the specification.
Accurate Developer portal for your team
The Optic Developer Portal always has the latest API documentation. Whenever an API change is proposed, approved, and merged, Optic CI pushes the latest version to your developer portal.
Catch Breaking Changes
Optic tracks every change to your API, flagging changes that will break consumers before they ship.
Make Reviewing API Changes Easy
Reading OpenAPI diffs in Git is difficult. Optic posts a link to a visual API diff to every Pull Request so API changes are understood and discussed during Code Reviews.
Improve API Designs
Optic helps developers follow a common API common style guide whenever they are adding new functionality to the API. Support for Spectral, Optic and Redoc rules built-in. Ship better APIs, faster
Share Changelogs with Consumers
Optic automatically writes daily API changelogs for your APIs. They appear in the Optic Developer Portal and can be embedded anywhere your consumers need them.

Start shipping better APIs.
Add Optic to your CI pipeline

Try locally, add to a GitHub or GitLab repo in minutes.

npx @useoptic/optic run
App screenshot
"Anyone using (or wanting to use) OpenAPI to describe APIs should take a strong look at Optic. They truly get what it takes to maintain a great API at scale 🧑‍🍳🤌"
Marc-André Giroux API Lead
"Optic is a smart, simple, and straightforward solution to a real world problem every company faces"
Kin Lane API Evangelist
"Brilliant! That's a whole lot of OpenAPI I don't need to write, and Optic is even making components to keep your OpenAPI Dry."
Phil Sturgeon Author, APIs you Won't Hate

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