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Optic is a traffic-driven API platform that brings automated documentation, tests, and change management to your APIs.
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Git tracks code changes,
Optic tracks API changes

Optic is the missing tool that lets you detect and respond to API changes. 

Accurate Docs for each of your APIs
Automated Testing of API Contract
Breaking Change Detection
Predict the Impact of Breaking Changes

Traffic-driven API development and ops is the the future of handling the skyrocketing complexity of API landscapes. Thats is why I am really excited to see efforts like @useoptic

Zdenek Nemec
Founder Good API
Creator of API Blueprint

What a brilliant idea. This tool documents your API by looking at your requests. OpenAPI/swagger output is supported!

Viljami Kuosmanen
Senior Developer Futurice
Author of openapi-backend

Large organizations lack a definitive understanding of their service catalogs, and standardized documentation is rare. Optic offers the visibility that is essential to any governance effort in these complex environments.

David Yonan
CEO The API Practice
Founder FlowStep

Documentation for Every API

Optic uses tests and development traffic to document an API in minutes. When the API changes, Optic makes it easy to merge these changes back into your spec.

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