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Optic accurately documents your team's APIs, prevents breaking changes, and helps internal teams work together more effectively.

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Install the developer CLI $ npm -g install @useoptic/optic Get Stripe-style API docs with API history $ optic api add openapi.yml Verify your API docs $ optic capture openapi.yml
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Verified Accurate API Documentation

Optic's open source tools check the accuracy of your OpenAPI specifications and makes it easy to share validated documentation with consumers.

Prevent Breaking Changes

Optic protects your consumers from breaking changes. Every month Optic stops thousands of breaking changes from reaching production.

Keep your specs up-to-date

Optic's CLI is like git for APIs. Instead of writing YAML, show Optic traffic, and it will accurately patch the OpenAPI for you. It is so easy developers use Optic to track API changes as they work.

Go API-first

Adopting OpenAPI and working API-first are good ideas but they have been hard to put into practice. Optic's tools make OpenAPI easier for developers to use so teams can start working API-first.
We are set up to provide a great API and an amazing developer experience to our consumers. Realizing the promise of OpenAPI has always been hard. Optic's tools made it easier to get developers on-board and start fulfilling the promises of working API-first.
Gary Poster Senior Director Engineering
To deliver a high quality API we need to be working API-first, and keeping track of the promises we have made to consumers. API-first has always been hard, Optic is the first tool we have found that makes it easy to quickly build and safety extend our APIs.
Kostas Petrakis Lead API Engineer
Anyone using (or wanting to use) OpenAPI to describe APIs should take a strong look at Optic. They truly get what it takes to maintain a great API at scale 🧑‍🍳🤌
Marc-André Giroux API Lead

Get notified when internal APIs change

Subscribe to the APIs your team depends on, and get notified when they change. Most apps are built on dozens of APIs, Optic helps teams coordinate changes and work more effectively at scale.

API Change Review

Optic adds visual API changelogs to GitHub/GitLab Code so everyone on your team understands exactly what API changes are being considered. Breaking changes and changes that do not follow your team's style guide are flagged.

Start working API-first

Get the benefits of OpenAPI without all the effort