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Continuous Documentation

Documentation for Every API

Optic documents your API as you develop it meaning your docs are accurate, and never out-of-date

Supports your Team

Powerful Workflows

Optic ships a unified workflow for design, sharing documentation and enforcing API standards.

no rewrite required

5 min Setup

Optic works with existing Restful APIs, written in any language, using any framework. Just use our CLI to start your server...that's it.

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Built for teams

Document, Share and Discover Internal APIs

Optic gives teams the tools they need to document, share and improve their internal APIs.

Document Every API

Behind on documentation? Optic documents every API so  your developers has the docs they need.

Enforce Standards

Optic makes it easy to define, share and enforce API standards for security and consistency.

Prevent Breaking Changes

Updating APIs should be stress-free. Optic tells developers how their proposed changes impact others.

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