Optic is joining Atlassian

Aidan Cunniffe 2024-04-25

Hey, Aidan here đź‘‹:

I’m excited to announce that we have been acquired by Atlassian. Optic will be integrated into Compass, Atlassian’s new internal developer portal (opens in a new tab). Atlassian is serious about helping teams collaborate at scale and untangle their webs of APIs and microservices. We’re continuing the mission and joining a company well-positioned to take the work we’ve done to the next level.

For now, the CLI will continue to be supported and Optic Cloud will continue to be your team's internal API Catalog. Our team is already hard at work making Optic's API documentation, changelogs, and API management suite a core part of the Compass platform. When that migration is finished, Optic Cloud will be sunset and customers can be migrated to Compass. If you are a Cloud customer, you will be hearing from us in coming weeks to discuss what that migration looks like.

Looking ahead, this acquisition has accelerated Optic’s roadmap. Just by being part of Atlassian, we will be able to offer you better SSO support and meet more of the enterprise requirements our largest customers request. Having those concerns taken care of gives our team more time to ship things that make it easier for developers to build and work with APIs. Next week the Atlassian founders will be discussing this acquisition and the future of Optic + Compass at Atlassian’s Team’24 conference in Las Vegas. You can watch live here. (opens in a new tab)

A huge thanks to our users, especially the early ones who kept saying no, but kept coming back. To our contributors, I'm really proud of all the stuff we've built. To everyone who has ever worked here, thank you for putting your time and heart into the project. And to our investors, for taking a chance on us. Special callout to Eliot Durbin for always believing, and helping us find our way.

Be good.

Aidan Cunniffe Founder.