Optic improves the quality of your APIs over time by running automated API checks, generating API documentation and ensuring your documentation is up to date. Optic works with OpenAPI specs, and makes it easy to use OpenAPI whether it's your first time writing an OpenAPI spec or you are a veteran of OpenAPI.

We've taken all of our insights from managing our own APIs, and working with different API programs to build a tool that improves the quality of your API, while staying out of the way. Improve your team's internal and externals APIs without changing how you work.

Work how you want to

You don't have to change your entire development workflow or start working design-first to be more intentional about how you design new APIs and change existing ones. Optic is designed to meet you where you are, with ways to integrate with your APIs whether you use OpenAPI generators from code, generate an OpenAPI spec from traffic or write OpenAPI by hand.

Setting up Optic (GitHub or GitLab) immediately gives you:

  • Beautiful documentation with history
  • Automatic breaking change detection and consistent naming conventions standards
  • API statistics such as changes over time and breaking changes introduced in the last 6 months

Standardize your APIs without rewriting everything

Standardizing your API is a common goal for many teams, but actually doing so is challenging since no one is ever starting from scratch. Optic gives you the tools to incrementally roll out standards without requiring you to rewrite every API.

Apply standards like naming convention on newly created endpoints or bring along your own spectral rulesets and configure them to only run on new API surface areas. Even catch breaking changes before they reach production by setting this up in CI in GitHub or GitLab!

Define your own API program

Optic comes with standard rulesets with general best practices (such as breaking change checks and naming enforcement), but you don't need to stop there! Use our tagging system to keep track of production releases, define your own custom API rules and see trends across your API in Optic Cloud.

We give you the tools so that you can consistently improve your APIs everyday.