Quick Start

1. Download the CLI#

yarn global add @useoptic/cli

Optic requires Node v12+, and we'll install a compatible version as a requirement via your package manager of choice. Depending on your installation method and node version management process, it's possible to get into a state where an incompatible version of Node is running. If you need to check, api --version will tell you both the Optic CLI and Node version running. If you run into an issue here, please let us know.

While that’s downloading πŸ‘‡#

2. Add Optic to your API#

Initialize Optic in your API's root directory:

cd /path/to/api

api init

Then, set up an api start alias. This will allow you to observe traffic sent to your API while testing and interacting with the project, and is a key component of collecting enough information to establish the baseline behavior of your API today. Here's a few examples of how you can get started:

Configure your API task#

You may also explore our docs to learn more about running your tests with Optic, getting API changelogs in your pull requests, and sharing Optic with your team.

How can I get involved in the project?#

Some of the most valuable contributions to an open source project are written in prose, not code. Developers taking the time to share their feedback, perspective, and ideas with the broader community are the oxygen of big projects like Optic.

Get Involved

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