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Adopt OpenAPI. Start working API-first.

Optic's Open Source tools help teams build better APIs, faster. Catch breaking changes and keep consumers happy.


We are set us up to provide a great API and an amazing developer experience to our consumers. Realizing the promise of OpenAPI has always been hard. Optic's tools made it easier to get developers on-board and start fulfilling the promises of working API-first.

Gary Poster
Senior Director Engineering

To deliver a stable and high quality API we need to be working API-first, and keeping track of the promises we have made to consumers. API-first has always been hard, Optic is the first tool we have found that makes it easy to quickly build and safety extend our APIs.

Kostas Petrakis
Lead API Engineer

Install Optic

npm install -g @useoptic/optic

Review OpenAPI Changes

Diff OpenAPI specifications

Understand the API changes between two versions of an OpenAPI descriptions. Optic helps teams review proposed API changes.
optic diff openapi.yaml --base main
Read Documentation

Detect Breaking Changes

API diffs containing breaking changes will be flagged so you do not break consumers. Optic helps you keep your promises.
optic diff openapi.yaml --base main --check
Catch Breaking Changes in CI

Apply API Standards

Make your team's API Standards easy to learn and easy to follow. Optic guides and supports developers designing APIs
- breaking-changes
- naming:
pathComponents: camelCase
- your-style-guide
Define your API Standards with Optic

Easily adopt OpenAPI

Generate an OpenAPI description for your API

Want to adopt OpenAPI? Need an accurate specification fast? Optic helps you build your first OpenAPI by watching API traffic
> optic capture proxy

> optic status
> optic add-bulk
Tutorial: Create your first OpenAPI specification

Document new API Operations

Imagine git add but for APIs. Whenever you add a new API Operation, Optic helps you document it in 2 minutes. Optic makes it easy to keep your docs up-to-date and review your teammates proposed API changes.

optic add openapi.yaml GET /todos
Document new API Operations

Document API changes

Whenever you make an API change, Optic can help you document it in the OpenAPI file. Optic makes it easy to keep your docs up-to-date and review your teammates proposed API changes.
optic update openapi.yaml
Document new API Operations

Work API-First with your team

Review every API change as a team

Optic adds a visual API diff to Pull Requests making it easy for your team to review and discuss API changes without being OpenAPI experts.
Add Optic to your repos
Git diffs of OpenAPI files never tell the full story because of #refs and a missing context. Optic shows you exactly what API changes are being proposed and groups them by endpoint so you can access their impact in a moment

Developer-first Governance

Make it easy to understand and follow your team's API standards. Optic helps developers build the right API, the first time.
Set up Optic CI

Catch breaking changes

The Optic CI platform checks every Pull Request for breaking changes and gives you confidence your team is keeping its promises.
Detect breaking changes in CI