Share Accurate API Documentation

Documentation shouldn’t be an afterthought. Optic puts documentation front and center in the API development process by automatically updating documentation on every change and ensuring your team sees documentation updates as they happen.

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Automatic Documentation
See documentation for every version of your API, and diff documentation between versions of your API
Generated Changelog
The automated changelog helps API consumers see exactly what changed and helps them keep their API usage up to date
Verified Accurate
Use evidence from API testing to note that endpoints are verified as correct.
API Catalog
Optic includes a catalog of all APIs your team is managing to help simplify API discovery for your team
"Anyone using (or wanting to use) OpenAPI to describe APIs should take a strong look at Optic. They truly get what it takes to maintain a great API at scale 🧑‍🍳🤌"
Marc-André Giroux API Lead