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Optic automates the tedious stuff so you can focus on doing work that matters.
How it works

Keep your API and Spec in Sync

Optic is like Git, but for APIs

1. Add Optic to your API

Add the Optic proxy in your API's development environment. It works with every language and every API framework. Step-by-step instructions here.
$ yarn add @useoptic/cli -g
$ api init

2. Optic watches your API for problems

Optic monitors how your API behaves and logs every time the service does not follow its specification.

3. Review API Diff

You can review this API Diff in the Optic UI and choose how you would like to handle the diff.

3. Resolve Diff

Press one button to apply a patch to your API specification (no knowledge of OpenAPI required), or create a bug report in your issue tracker.

This makes it easy to update the spec when you've made intentional changes and catch bugs that affect your API's contract.

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Traffic-driven API development and ops is the the future of handling the skyrocketing complexity of API landscapes. Thats is why I am really excited to see efforts like @useoptic
Zdenek Nemec
Founder Good API
Creator of API Blueprint
Optic is a smart, simple, and straightforward solution to a real world problem every company faces
Kin Lane
The API Evangelist
chief evangelist Postman
What a brilliant idea. This tool documents your API by looking at your requests. OpenAPI/swagger output is supported!
Viljami Kuosmanen
Senior Developer Futurice
Author of openapi-backend

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testing made easy

Live Contract Testing

With live contract testing, there's no need to manually curate test cases. Instead use Optic to monitor how your API behaves in development, staging, or pre-production. Optic alerts you when APIs break their contracts and  measures what percent of the spec has been covered by live tests.

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Completely Document and Test your API
For the cost of 1 Developer-Hour a Month, Optic's tools will give you the confidence that your API works the way it is supposed to.
Share Information with your Team
When there are breaking API changes, Optic finds and notifies the developers who will need to update their code.
Expert Support
We want every API powered by Optic to be great. Our team will help answer any question your have about your API's design, versioning strategy, usability, etc. Ask us anything, anytime, and if we can not help you, we'll find a member of the community who can.