Optic for API Evangelists

Make your API Developer Friendly

Optic keeps your API spec up-to-date and generates snippets, SDKs, and Postman Collections for your developer portal.
How it works

The Power to Document any API in Minutes

Optic watches how your API behaves and uses that data to help you write an OpenAPI specification in minutes.

1. Start Optic and point it at an API

Ask Optic to observe an API's behavior:
api intercept api.twitter.com --chrome

2. Use the API

Send requests using Chrome or Postman. Optic is learning the API spec by watching how it behaves as you use it. This is what you do manually now -- Optic just makes it easier.

3. Document with Optic

Use Optic's UI to build your OpenAPI specification. Try an example here

4. Update the API Spec

When your API changes, Optic detects the new behavior and helps you update the spec in seconds.
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