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What's Next?

Next steps#


  • What happens when the API changes?

When the API changes, Optic detects a difference in the requests and/or reponses. Optic will report unexpected behavior, which you can see with api status or on the diff page in the Optic dashboard. The diffs are reviewed in the dashboard, and can be documnted or ignored if they shouldn't modify the specification.

  • What is this specification.json file? Do I check it in?

The specification.json file is an event stream of every change to your API. The specification.json is how Optic builds the current and historical state of your API specification. It must be checkd in with your project so your specification is stored alongside your API.

  • I documented an endpoint incorrectly, can I delete it?

Yes! Endpoints may be deleted from either the documentation page or from the detailed documentation for a specific endpoint. When viewing the current documentation, click the edit button to start editing the specification, and the delete button to stage an endpoint for removal. Clicking save will make the change permanent. Deletes cannot be undone. Please review our detailed endpoint delete documentation.

  • Optic documented something about my API incorrectly. Can I change it?

Currently, Optic will give you the opportunity to change how an endpoint is documented when it detects traffic that doesn't conform to the current specification. We're working on releasing more tools to help modify your specification proactively, through the Optic dashboard.