For teams

Make your internal APIs developer friendly

When every API is documented, standards are enforced, and developers understand how their changes affect others — managing hundreds of APIs becomes seamless. Optic's internal API platform does it all.

You wouldn’t deploy code or infrastructure without…

Code Quality
Security Audits
Change Logs

With hundreds of APIs, you need...

Accurate documentation

That is kept up-to-date automatically


To detect when API changes will break other teams

Tools that enforce standards

For API consistency, best practices and security

A trusted API catalog

Where developers can find accurate docs for any API

How it works

Optic maps all your APIs and how they are used

With Optic, you get a bird's eye view of how all your services work, and how each of them is consumed.

Automatic Documentation

Developers can find and consume any API in the organization easily (10x faster on-boarding). Optic lives in your development environment and keeps your API specs up-to-date.

Get notified of important changes

Optic notifies an API's consumers whenever the spec is about to change, leading to better communication and happier developers, and less broken code.

Enforce Standards

Improve the quality and security of your APIs. Optic lets your architects define and enforce your team's API standards.

Simple, secure, setup

Optic can easily be added to your development environments and it works with every programming language. You just need to add one small config file to every API. Everything can run on-prem for maximum security and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of APIs does Optic support?

Today Optic supports Restful APIs written in any programming language/framework. Future support for RPCs, Websocket APIs and GraphQL is planned.

Q: How much work does it take to add an internal API to the Optic Platform?

It should take less than 30 minutes per API. You just have to add a short config file to your API  and change the start script that runs in your development environment.

Q: We have OpenAPI/Swagger specs. Can we use them?

Of course! OpenAPI can be imported to Optic. But fair warning -- these specs are probably not as accurate as you think. Optic can help you find all the places where your contract does not match the APIs actual behavior.

Q: We have a lot of APIs, can you help us document them?

Sure! We can help you use Optic to get all your APIs documented.  We'll then set up the Optic Platform to continue updating the docs automatically .