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api generate:oas

Exports an OpenAPI 3.0.1 specification. This allows you to generate an OpenAPI specification for use in other software, such as third-party documentation generation software. Both --json and --yaml flags are supported to determine the output format. By default, a .yaml file is created.

api scripts

The scripts command will export an OpenAPI specification and allow you to run a command or script to process that specification. It can even manage dependencies! generate:oas is great for a one-time run, for workflow integration we recommend scripts.

Flags & Options#

There are two optional flags that determine which formats will be exported. You may use both flags if you need both formats:

  • --json
  • --yaml


Export an OpenAPI 3.0.1 specification#

api generate:oas
[optic] Generated OAS files[optic] {...}/todo-js/.optic/generated/openapi.yaml

Export an OpenAPI 3.0.1 specification in JSON format#

api generate:oas --json
[optic] Generated OAS files[optic] {...}/todo-js/.optic/generated/openapi.json

Issues & Contributing#

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