Weekly Update (Week of May 18th)

Last week the team merged 15 PRs!

  • The critical work to fix how the new diff engine is resolving nested shapes was merged in this week and deployed in 8.0.7. Thanks to all the teams that provided Debug Captures to help us diagnose and address the issues.
  • We moved along several PRs for the Contract Testing and production Optic Agents
  • Invested in a lot of DX including building the local-cli on every commit, previewing the UX in our PRs using FeaturePeak, and improving the reliability of our Yarn workspace.

Next up are the final PRs to bring the Optic Agents and Contract Testing dashboards into the main project — we can’t wait to demo these features in a video soon!

As always, if you have cool ideas for Optic, questions about how to use the tool, or just want to chill and talk open source — you can schedule a Meet the Mainers Zoom call anytime.

Thanks to all our users 😃! Have a great weekend!

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