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Accelerate your API-first Journey
Track and Review every API Change. Prevent breaking changes, improve quality, and ship faster with Optic

Free and Open Source

Make OpenAPI easy for every team to adopt, maintain and review

  • Easily track API Changes in OpenAPI

  • Visualize API Changes

  • Catch breaking changes

For API Teams


See all your APIs in one place and help every team begin to work API-first. We help your company ship consistent and reliable APIs to consumers, faster.

  • Central feed of all proposed API changes

  • Custom API Style Guides / Standards

  • Prevent breaking changes

  • API Review workflows

  • API History view

  • Multiple Rulesets (i.e. public, internal, partner)

  • API Catalogue + Search

  • Share feedback by commenting and requesting changes

Optic powers amazing API Teams:

We are set up to provide a great API and an amazing developer experience to our consumers. Realizing the promise of OpenAPI has always been hard. Optic's tools made it easier to get developers on-board and start fulfilling the promises of working API-first.

Gary Poster
Senior Director Engineering

To deliver a stable and high quality API we need to be working API-first, and keeping track of the promises we have made to consumers. API-first has always been hard, Optic is the first tool we have found that makes it easy to quickly build and safety extend our APIs.

Kostas Petrakis
Lead API Engineer

Optic helps teams make the
API-first journey

"Deploying an API is like launching a satellite. Once it is in orbit, you can not really change it. The constraints of API development are why many teams try to work API-first. They want to build the right API, the first-time, before it gets to orbit. They want everyone on the team to be thoughtful about introducing new capabilities and changing existing ones. Most importantly, they want to keep their promises to consumers."

Aidan Cunniffe
Founder - Optic

Adopt OpenAPI

Optic makes it easy for every team to adopt OpenAPI without changing how they work.

Optic's CLI helps you keep your OpenAPI in sync with your API's actual behavior. Document new operations and recent API changes in seconds. Optic handles the tedious parts of OpenAPI, so you can focus in building great APIs.

API Review

Optic makes it easy for anyone to review upcoming API changes and give effective feedback.

Because OpenAPI is difficult to read, we frequently miss opportunities to improve our API design. Optic makes API changes easy for anyone to review, and starts the right conversations on your team when changes are proposed.

Automated Testing for API Changes

Optic makes it easy to test API changes before they get released. Optic's CI Runner lets you write tests about API changes.

Go beyond linting, and start testing your API changes. Teams use Optic to help developers follow the API versioning plan, prevent breaking changes, and make their API style-guide easy to adopt. Testing API Changes improves quality and reliability of new and existing APIs across your organization.

Feature comparison

Feature comparison

Spectral and Redoc
Testing API Changes
Optic CI
Metadata rules
Include summary, descriptions, formats, etc.
Naming rules for parameters, properties, etc.
Consistent name cases, plural/singular path params, etc.
Consistent style for every request/response
Require certain status codes, pagination style, response shape depending on type of API
basic style guidecomplete style guide
Breaking change rules
Removing a response property, changing a response type
Versioning policy rules
Semver used correctly, Breaking changes require new versions.
Deprecation rules
Removal allowed 90 days after deprecation, etc.
Apply different rules to new APIs vs legacy APIs
Legacy APIs can not be changed to pass rules. Those warnings are false positives

Centrally Manage API Reviews + Standards

A Dashboard for API Teams. Just add the GitHub/GitLab application and Optic will track every OpenAPI change in your organization.

Review every pending API change in one place. Set the standards for each API, configure which kinds of changes require review, and see every recent API change in one place. Never worry about setting up API tools in CI, or digging through Pull Requests. Optic Cloud is built to help API teams evangelize API-first practices internally, and make it easy for the teams they work with to get on-board.

Frequently asked questions

What do you count as a 'contributor' for the paid Optic Platform?
A contributor is defined as a developer on your team who triggered Optic's CI job by opening a PR or committing code. Unique contributors are counted once per organization and are not double-counted if they work in multiple repositories.
Does Optic Cloud enforce limits?
We know teams organize their API specs and code in many different ways, that is why the platform has no limits on the number of OpenAPI specs, API endpoints, repositories or CI runs. We charge by developer seats and keep everything else uncapped.
What parts of Optic are open source? What is paid?
The tools that help you adopt OpenAPI is free and open source. The Optic CI SDK and runner is open sourced here. Optic's paid SaaS solution makes it easy to integrate Optic CI and API changelogs into your existing GitHub/GitLab workflows. We plan to continue building helpful collaborative features (like Google docs style commenting / suggesting changes) into the platform, you can read our roadmap here.

Need help starting your API-first journey?

Optic's team has experience helping large organizations adopt OpenAPI, and start working API-first. Wherever you are on your journey, we are happy to help!