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It’s important for APIs to follow a principle of least surprise. Consistency with naming and structure are important to guaranteeing that your team builds a high quality API that everyone loves to use.

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Define Standards
Standards help teams specify rules for API design and helps teams stay consistent. Optic has built-in standards that support most cases
Check Before You Merge
Optic CLI helps developers lint changes to API specs before they break the build.
Spectral Plus
Optic supports Spectral rules out of the box so your team can move existing rules without disruption.
Preview Documentation
Optic Cloud generates documentation for every branch, so your team can preview and collaborate on upcoming updates by reviewing the docs
Custom API Style Guides
Custom standards let your team build any guidelines you can imagine in code. Enterprise only
To deliver a high quality API we need to be working API-first, and keeping track of the promises we have made to consumers. API-first has always been hard, Optic is the first tool we have found that makes it easy to quickly build and safety extend our APIs.
Kostas Petrakis Lead API Engineer

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