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We built Optic to help teams build a world class API without needing to implement custom tooling or hire a huge API team.

Track API Changes

Change is what makes Optic different. Every time your API changes we note the change, where it happened, how it happened, why it happened, and make sure that it gets communicated to the team.

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Prevent Breaking Changes

Stop breaking your API’s consumers and reduce your support overhead with Optic’s breaking change checks. Optic reviews each change to your OpenAPI specification to ensure that you never ship another surprise.

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Improve API Design

It’s important for APIs to follow a principle of least surprise. Consistency with naming and structure are important to guaranteeing that your team builds a high quality API that everyone loves to use.

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Share Accurate API Documentation

Documentation shouldn’t be an afterthought. Optic puts documentation front and center in the API development process by automatically updating documentation on every change and ensuring your team sees documentation updates as they happen.

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Open Source Foundation

Optic CLI is open source and includes numerous features every team can use, for free, to manage their API specifications.

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