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Tracking and reviewing changes

Optic is listening to the Webhooks GitHub and GitLab send when Pull Requests are opened, closed and merged. This information is used to show API Programs an up-to-date list of every new API design and every API change that is being considered.

From here, you can view the API Changelog, standards issues, and link to GitHub or GitLab to leave a review or request changes.

Reviewing changes: what developers see

Optic's visual API diffs make it obvious exactly what changes are being proposed to any API. It groups changes by endpoint and schema, not file and line. Now developers do not have to follow $ref references in their heads and jump around giant files. This dramatically improves the quality of their peers reviews and leads to more discussion about the API use cases and a better API design.

Developers will see one comment from Optic on any Pull Request that changes an OpenAPI file:

  • If an OpenAPI file is invalid, Optic will show an error for that spec
  • If new commits come in that change the OpenAPI file, Optic will update the comment
  • Issues from the standards/linters/differs will show up within the API Changelogs

On the roadmap

  • daily and weekly email roundups
  • add members of the API Program to a PR's required reviewers for certain kinds of changes