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Publishing API standards

There are several ways to make your API Standards runnable in your CI pipelines any by developers working locally.

Upload ruleset to Optic Cloud​

If you are operating at the scale of dozens of OpenAPI files, spread out across many repositories, Optic Cloud makes it easy to set the standards for each API from a central dashboard.

First you will need to create an Optic Cloud account and generate an Organization Token on the settings page:

You can then upload custom rulesets to Optic Cloud using the ruleset upload command:

yarn run build
OPTIC_TOKEN=<token> yarn run upload

Successfully uploaded the ruleset
View this ruleset at

The result of yarn run build is a self-contained javascript bundle in build/main.js. For teams working from a single API repo, it can make sense to copy this file into the repository:

- "./optic/our-custom-ruleset.js" # file

πŸ‘‹ Book a call​

Need help getting started? Book a call with our team and we can write some rules together.